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Hario V60 02 Transparent Pour-Over

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according to HACCP
Volume 1-4 cups of coffee without changing the filter
Material Plastic
Producer Hario
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Product overview

Hario V60 pour-over is a convenient and practical device for making alternative coffee. A measuring spoon is included in the kit.

Coffee preparation recipe in a pour-over:

Take a paper pour-over filter, fold it along the seam, straighten it, and insert it into the Hario pour-over. Place the pour-over over a cup, wet the filter and the Hario pour-over with a small amount of clean hot water to ensure there are no dry spots on the filter. Pour out any accumulated water in the cup.

Add ground coffee to the center of the filter.

Place the pour-over on a scale and reset the reading to zero - the scale will help measure the volume of water poured (1 gram = 1 ml).

Pour a small amount of hot water to wet the ground coffee (the water should not exceed the level of the coffee). Wait for 20-30 seconds.

Slowly pour the remaining water, moving in a spiral from the center to the outer part.

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