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Arabica Blend Coffee Beans Spring blend 250g

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Taste apples, buckwheat honey, caramel
Fragrance flower honey, milk chocolate
Afternoon Tea sweet
Body rounded
Type of coffee Bland
Weight 250g
Roasting medium
Country Honduras, Colombia
Harvest Year 2023
Method of preparation coffee machine, moka pot, cup, jezve
Product overview

Fill your cups with a sunny mood filled with the aromas of a real spring garden in bloom with our limited-edition Spring blend coffee range.

In this blend of coffee, you will find the best Arabica beans, which our roasters have chosen with special love. Each cup of this coffee will bring you the aroma of floral honey, which is intertwined with delicate shades of milk chocolate.

The taste palette of Spring Blend is reminiscent of a morning walk in the garden, where you can enjoy juicy apples, sweet buckwheat tea and delicate caramel that melts on your receptors, like the first ray of sunshine after winter hibernation.

The aftertaste of this lot is like a calm breeze that will bring you sweet memories of spring walks and gentle evenings under blossoming trees.

Reviews about this coffee
Аля 2024-03-29 18:58:18

Дякую за неймовірну каву. Ніжна, смачна та дійсно ідеальна для весняного ранку. ????