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Herbal Tea

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Weight 100g
Harvest Year 2022
Product overview

Herbal Blend is a magical mixture of lemongrass and lemon balm, enriched with dried fruits of rosehip, blackcurrant, and raspberry, as well as lemon and orange zest.

The exceptional feature of herbal teas is their variety of flavors and properties, which can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle or diet.

Brew it when you're feeling under the weather, when you want to relax, when you want to fall asleep, or anytime — it's a perfect choice for any day and mood.

Reviews about this coffee
Юлія 2024-04-13 19:49:59

Саме такий травʼяний чай я й шукала! Лимонна трава, меліса, ягоди - гарний варіант на вечір.

Анастасія 2024-01-12 22:45:06

Чудовий ненавʼязливий травʼяний чай! Саме те що треба для відпочинку та релаксу!