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Arabica and Robusta Blend Coffee Beans Classic Crema 250g

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Taste roasted seeds, bitter chocolate
Fragrance black bread, woody shades
Afternoon Tea walnut
Body dense
Type of coffee Blend, 20/80
Weight 250g
Roasting medium
Country India, Brazil
Method of preparation Coffee machine
Product overview
Product overview

Classic Crema — a blend that results in a strict, strong beverage with a pronounced bitter chocolate flavor, a light bitterness, and a stable crema.  This is a blend of various classic Arabica varieties with a predominance of Robusta, our professionals have selected the most suitable bean varieties.

The coffee at the base of this blend, when brewed as Classic Crema, imparts a post-taste of hazelnut. The body is dense, and the aroma carries notes of black bread and woody undertones. This coffee is for connoisseurs who appreciate tradition and quality.

In this blend, Arabica and Robusta varieties from coffee regions of two countries, Brazil and India, come together. In Brazil, plantations are located on the plains, while in India, coffee grows alongside fruit trees and spices. Thanks to the different climate and cultivation methods, each variety has its unique flavor qualities, which combine to create an unforgettable beverage.

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    Reviews about this coffee
    Олена 2024-04-14 14:54:24

    Ще не замовляла,але персонал супер,все підказали і розказали.

    Людмила 2022-11-25 19:10:09

    Чувствуется горький шоколад во вкусе и горчинка, но не приторная, а нежная. Магазином и товаром очень довольна, благодарю девочек за работу.