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Coffee Beans Blend Arabica Rio 200g

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Taste bakery with chocolate, prunes
Fragrance nut, chocolate, dried fruit
Afternoon Tea sweet, lasting
Body thick, rounded
Type of coffee blend
Weight 200g
Roasting espresso
Method of preparation turk, geyser, cup, coffee machine
Product overview
Product overview

Rio - a new variety in the Tuffler lineup, a blend of two Arabicas from Africa and Central America.

When you enjoy Rio coffee, you'll taste the sweet flavor of chocolate and prunes, with a pleasant, long, and sweet aftertaste. The aroma of the drink is infused with hints of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruits.

In Rio coffee, the perfect balance of acidity, bitterness, and sweetness is achieved.

Treat yourself to aromatic, sweet, and well-balanced coffee!

We have prepared convenient packaging for you - 200g, as it allows you not only to fully taste and enjoy the taste and aromatic properties of coffee but also saves your money because you don't have to buy coffee in large quantities.

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