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  • Arabica Coffee Beans Peru El Aliso 250g

Arabica Coffee Beans Peru El Aliso 250g

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Taste orange, yellow apple, creme brulee
Fragrance cherry, cocoa, caramel
Afternoon Tea light
Body medium
Type of coffee mono
Weight 250g
Roasting filter
Country Peru
Region Cajamarca
Processing washed
Harvest Year 2023
Growth height 1923 m
Method of preparation cup, french press, V-60, chemex and other alternative brewing methods
Product overview
Product overview

All the love and care put into crafting this masterpiece is felt from the very first sip, and the washed process allows the purity and uniqueness of the flavor to shine through. Now, let's smoothly transition to describing this coffee, after which only one thought will remain: I urgently need to order this.

The taste of orange, yellow apple, and crème brûlée is reminiscent of a random summer day from your memories, one that simply says: take 5 minutes, feel the peace, relax. The sweet aroma of cherry, cocoa, and caramel envelops you with an invisible warmth, comfort, and coziness.

This coffee comes from the provinces of Callayuc and Cutervo in Cajamarca — the third-largest coffee region in Peru located in the north. The region is entirely composed of the Andes mountain range, where high altitudes, lush jungles, and fertile soil create ideal conditions for coffee cultivation.

Body of the drink: medium. Aftertaste: light and pleasant. You, after this lot: a happy person.

Caution! After such a fragrant break, it may be difficult to return to your tasks. We've tested it ;)

When buying 1 kg of coffee, you always get a great deal because the discount of 5% is already included in the price.

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