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Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate 300g

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Composite roasted peanuts, dark chocolate
Expiry date 6 months
Weight 300g
Type peanut paste with dark chocolate
Country Ukraine
Product overview

Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate - the perfect combination of the tenderness of peanuts and the unmatched aroma of chocolate! This treat is a bright embodiment of kindness and care that will instantly melt in your hearts.

When enjoying peanut butter, you'll feel the gentle, creamy peanut flavor that will easily melt in your mouth. After that, your taste receptors will experience a real chocolate explosion! It will give peanut butter a light bitterness that will turn into a subtle sweet charm, completing this magical treat.

Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate by TOM is a true masterpiece of culinary art. The TOM team consists of real professionals who, with love and care, created this peanut butter to give you unforgettable emotions.

Conquer your taste buds with the wonderful combination of peanuts and chocolate, enjoy every moment of this unforgettable culinary experience!

Nutritional (food) value per 100g of the product: protein – 24.4g, fat – 50.0g, carbohydrates – 21.9g.

Energy value (caloric content) per 100g of the product: 624 kcal | 2610 kJ

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