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Cream-honey "Coconut-Almond" 220g

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Composite natural creamed floral honey 80%, shredded coconut 15%, ground almonds 5%
Expiry date 12 months
Weight 220g
Type cream-honey coconut-almond
Country Ukraine
Product overview

Cream-honey with coconut and almond - a real pleasure for your receptors.

Thanks to the content of honey, coconut, and almond, the cream has a pleasant and tender consistency.

The perfect combination of the gentle sweet taste of honey with the aromatic and unmatched taste of coconut and almond will make your day unforgettable.

If you love sweet, tender, and creamy texture, then this treat is definitely for you! Cream-honey - a natural dessert made under the Ukrainian sun in a sunny apiary near Cherkasy. The composition includes only 3 beneficial ingredients - natural honey, coconut shavings, and almonds. Cream-honey has a sweet unbeatable taste that just melts in your mouth!

Taste the cream-honey and feel how each spoon fills your taste receptors with rich and saturated taste.

Reviews about this coffee
Людмила 2023-10-16 20:00:20

Дякую за посилку???? Дуже все охайно,гарно та смачно!