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Salted caramel with strawberries 330g

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Composite animal cream 33%, sugar, concentrated butter 99.8%, strawberry syrup, pink salt, ginger 2%.
Expiry date 6 months
Weight 330g
Type salted caramel with strawberries
Country Ukraine
Product overview

Dear sweeties, we have great news for you! Are you ready? Introducing our latest find - salted caramel with delicate strawberries!

Classic salted caramel and refreshing strawberries meet in this delicacy, creating a completely unique taste bouquet. Every time you taste this caramel, you will be delighted with the taste pleasure. It's something so delicious that you'll want to return to this sweet wonder again and again!

Salted caramel with strawberries from the Ukrainian manufacturer TOM is a true masterpiece, which embodied the best ideas about taste and quality. The TOM company always creates sweets with the greatest love and commitment to innovation, and the new caramel flavor is no exception. After all, in each jar they put not only ingredients, but also a piece of their soul, so that you can enjoy the best.

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