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Cream-Honey "Lemon-Ginger" 220g

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Composite natural creamed floral honey 97%, natural sublimated lemon 2%, dried ginger 1%
Expiry date 12 months
Weight 220g
Type cream-honey lemon-ginger
Country Ukraine
Product overview

Creamed honey with lemon and ginger is a dessert made by whipping natural honey, infusing it with oxygen, and adding ginger and lemon. In short, the maximum amount of deliciousness and benefits in one jar :)

This unique product combines the smoothness of honey cream with the refreshing tang of lemon and the spicy kick of ginger. Each ingredient is chosen with love and care for your health.

Lemon is known for its high vitamin C content, which boosts immunity and improves overall well-being. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and warming properties, making it indispensable in cold weather and beyond. Natural honey is a source of antioxidants and natural enzymes that enhance well-being and provide energy.

A perfect example of when sweets can be healthy!

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