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Combo Classic Crema + Original Gusto

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Taste Classic Crema: roasted seeds, bitter chocolate; Original Gusto: cinnamon, dark chocolate
Fragrance Classic Crema: black bread, woody shades; Original Gusto: bread
Product overview

Two blends that always maintain their reputation due to their traditional and versatile flavors, gaining new fans every day:

Classic Crema (250g) — a blend with a pronounced bitter chocolate flavor, a slight bitterness, and a stable crema. The coffee forming the base of this blend gives the drink a walnut aftertaste. The body is dense, and the aroma carries notes of black bread. This coffee is definitely for conservatives who value tradition and quality ;)

Original Gusto (250g) — a mix of Arabica and Robusta, perfectly balanced with a unique combination of sweetness and bitterness, pleasant acidity, and an aroma with bread notes. This blend is a universal option that everyone will like and never get bored of. The crema is thick and elastic, and the aftertaste reveals hints of walnut. Classic is classic!

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