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Tasting set of 25 Coffee Roasters + Dotyk Original

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Country Ethiopia, Burundi, Honduras
Product overview

If you can't stop thinking about our brand new Dotyk Dripper, we understand))

Get ready for experiments and brewing your favorite coffee in a new way, because our barista brand has prepared for you cool sets for new accessories in the assortment. Coffee positions are specially selected so that you can experience the benefits of a new brewing method and be able to enjoy all the shades of your favorite drink.

We remind you that Dotyk is the first Ukrainian pourover made from Ukrainian clay mined in Sloviansk. In short, its task is to make coffee even more balanced and sweet. And here in more detail.

Buy the device at a good price right away with a set of delicious coffee. With Dotyk Original, enjoy:

  • Exquisite specialty Arabica Burundi Businde (100 g) with the aroma of amaretto liqueur and pomegranate, which intertwines with the taste of plum, rum and persimmon, creating a unique bouquet of flavors in every sip.
  • An exquisite specialty lot - Ethiopia Arsosala (100 g) of natural processing. This coffee impresses with its aroma, which is filled with notes of apricot, flowers, honey and almond.
  • In the aroma of Honduras San Isidro 4 (100 g), you will feel notes of blackberry, whiskey and chocolate, which create a harmonious bouquet. The aftertaste is sweet, which lingers on your receptors for a long time.

Support a Ukrainian product and a Ukrainian manufacturer. Make the process of brewing coffee meditative and slower. Say "Pa-pa!" coffee grounds in a mug.

Go to a new level of coffee - brighter and richer.

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