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Cream-Honey "Raspberry" 220g

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according to HACCP
Composite natural flower creamed honey 95%, natural raspberry sublimated 4%
Expiry date 12 months
Weight 220g
Type cream-honey raspberry
Country Ukraine
Product overview

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of unforgettable taste and benefit! Cream-honey with raspberry is an ideal addition to your daily diet.

Nothing superfluous in the composition, only natural honey and fragrant raspberry, which adds a pleasant sourness and freshness.

Cream-honey is a natural dessert made at the apiary under the Ukrainian sun and clouds. To get the airy texture of cream-honey, beekeepers collect honey, which later undergoes a "creaming" stage, that is, whipping natural honey, where honey crystals are rubbed against each other, and saturating the honey with oxygen - thanks to which a tender and creamy honey texture is obtained. To make the airy honey have a sourness and other rich tastes, natural raspberry is added to it, so that you can get real pleasure.

Cream-honey in combination with coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters creates a unique and tasty duet of flavors for you.

Enjoy the moment and enrich your body with the beneficial properties of cream-honey with raspberry.

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