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Taste joy with hints of happiness and smiles on the face
Fragrance care, attention and tenderness
Afternoon Tea long with notes of comfort and tenderness
Country Ukraine
Harvest Year 2023
Product overview

A wonderful gift that will fill the heart with warmth! Introducing a 500 UAH certificate for the purchase of fresh-roasted coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters - the perfect gift for all lovers of aromatic coffee!

This certificate gives the opportunity to choose the most aromatic coffee from our wide range. Give your loved one endless possibilities to enjoy exquisite flavors, aromas, and the atmosphere that accompanies the charming coffee preparation process.

Let us take care of your loved one, colleague, or friends. Let their coffee collection expand, and their mornings be filled with the happiness and energy that coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters can provide.

This certificate is not just a purchase; it's a possession of moments of choice and satisfaction. Give your loved one a unique chance to savor every sip of delicious coffee made with love and craftsmanship.

Gift the joy of fresh-roasted coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters, and your loved ones will be grateful for the unmatched flavor experience!

We offer free delivery of the certificate when ordered together with a coffee package.

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