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Charity Coffee for Ukrainian Armed Forces 250 g

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Always fresh
Quality control
according to HACCP
Taste Independence
Fragrance Courage
Afternoon Tea Victory
Weight 250 g
Country Ukraine
Harvest Year 2022
Growth height Above the sky
Product overview

What is this? A new coffee blend? Yes, and this blend will be appreciated only by the bravest, most courageous, and noble warriors.

You guessed it right, our defenders from the Ukrainian Armed Forces need delicious coffee. From the beginning of the war, we have been sending coffee from our reserves to the Kharkiv Territorial Defense. Today, we are ready to delight not only the TDF battalions but also other military units. Our volunteers cooperate with the Kharkiv Central Military Hospital and the field hospital of the North-Eastern Military District.

We came up with "suspended" coffee that you can order as a token of gratitude and support for our soldiers.

How does it work?

You place an order on the website, and we send all the "suspended" coffee to our soldiers in military hospitals and on the front lines once every two weeks.

We will publish reports on our Instagram channel.

Join the campaign. The taste of victory is closer than ever!

Reviews about this coffee
Олександр 2024-03-09 08:55:22

Дякую за каву, знайшов в інстаграмі, смачна!

Олена 2023-08-31 10:54:35

Чудова ініциатива! Дякую що не забуваєте про наших героїв. І дякую Вам за смачний продукт, замовляю вже багато років.

Дарина 2022-11-25 20:19:07

Дякую за вашу ідею та адекватну позицію в ці часи. Це дійсно важливо та дуже характеризує компанію та робітників.