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Taste unrepeatable
Fragrance celebratory
Afternoon Tea charming
Country Ukraine
Harvest Year 2023
Product overview

Give the gift of a charming journey into the world of sweets and aromas with our gift set. This exceptional set is the perfect gift for true gourmets and those who appreciate sophistication and pleasure in every sip.

In this wonderful set, we've included the exceptional Black Velvet coffee, 250g. Each cup of this aromatic drink is a true embodiment of elegance and luxury. Its taste reveals notes of floral honey, cardamom, and bergamot, creating an unparalleled harmony of flavors. And the aroma of buckwheat honey, cranberry, and bergamot tea will immerse you in a world of tenderness and warmth.

With this set, you can also indulge in true taste pleasure with our delicious treats. Gift the joy of craft milk chocolate with berries. "13beans" chocolate is genuine artisanal chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans and meets all European standards.

To create a wonderful mood and provide a warm and cozy atmosphere, we've added aromatic Spring Blend tea - a blend of large-leaf black and green teas, complemented by delicate jasmine flowers, calendula petals, roses, and dried strawberries. We've also included genuine, natural, craft cocoa that will bring warmth and comfort to your loved ones.

The gift set also includes a sticker pack and a greeting card, so you can personalize your gifts and share the joy with others.

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